Recent paintings -1

River 24×30″ acrylic on canvas *
The River 30×40″ Acrylic on canvas
Mother earth father sky 24×30″   Acrylic on canvas
Laying angle-1 12X16” Acrylic on paper *
Laying angle-2 12X16” Acrylic on paper *
Nature’s music 14x 12″ Acrylic on canvas
In the wood 11×14″ Acrylic on paper
Fisher 10x 14″ Acrylic on paper
Earth- giving 10X 14″ Acrylic on paper
Home 30×30″ oil on canvas
Traveler-in spirit 30×40″ Acrylic on canvas
Touch 30×40″ Acrylic on canvas
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Recent painting -1

Recent painting -2

Flying theme

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